What is the Wichita Terminal Association?[+]

The Wichita Terminal Association is a terminal railroad that handles switching operations in the north of Wichita. The WTA is a joint facility that is equally owned by the BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railroad. The WTA is also the interchange carrier between both railroads in Wichita.

What is the reporting mark of the Wichita Terminal Association?[+]

The reporting mark of the Wichita Terminal Association is WTA.

Where does the Wichita Terminal Association operate?[+]

The Wichita Terminal Association operates between E 9th Street N as its southern most point to E 33rd Street N as its northern terminus. The WTA owns and maintains more than 10 miles of track but operates on more than 3 miles of track that is owned by BNSF Railway or Union Pacific Railroad.

What commodities does the Wichita Terminal Association handle?[+]

The Wichita Terminal Association handles primarily grain and grain related products. There is a Shuttle facility, two flour mills and a soybean oil processing facility on property. Additionally, there are scrap metal facilities and additional smaller businesses that we serve.

What does the Wichita Terminal Association use for motive power?[+]

The Wichita Terminal Association is supplied locomotives by the owning railroads on a percentage basis for the year. The number of days that the respective road supplies the WTA locomotives is based on the percentage of cars handled for the railroads for the previous two years.

What operating rules does the Wichita Terminal Association use?[+]

The Wichita Terminal Association has adopted the General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR) as its operating rules.

Who handles the day to day operations on the Wichita Terminal Association?[+]

The Wichita Terminal Association leadership is comprised of a Managing Board and a Superintendent that handles the day to day operations. The Managing Board comprised of two members from the Union Pacific Railroad and two members from BNSF Railway. The Superintendent is chosen by the owning railroads and alternates between BNSF and UP officials. The term of the Superintendent is 2 years with an option to extend for an additional 2 years.

What are the Railroad Industry Alert Levels[+]

Alert Level 1 = Normal Day to Day Operations

Alert Level 2 = Heightened Security Awareness. Applies when there is a general non-specific threat of possible terrorist activity involving railroad personnel and facilities.

Alert Level 3 = Credible Threat of Attack on the United States or railroad industry. Applies when an increased, credible and more specific threat of terrorist activity exists.

Alert Level 4 = Confirmed Threat of Attack against the railroad industry exists or an actual attack in the Unites States has taken place. Applies when a confirmed threat against the railroad industry exists, an actual attack against the railroad has taken place, and attack in the Unites States causing mass casualties has occurred, or other imminent actions create grave concerns about the safety of operations.

Are there other Joint Facilities that operate similar to Wichita Terminal Association?[+]

There are number of Joint Facilities that have are owned by multiple Class I Railroads, but there are only 3 other Joint Facilities that are solely owned by BNSF Railway and the Union Pacific Railroad. Those Joint Facilities are the: Longview Switching Company in Longview, Washington, Portland Terminal Railroad in Portland, Oregon and Central California Traction Company in Stockton, California.

Is rail the right choice for my company?[+]

Using rail is a cost effective, efficient and safe means of transportation of goods. There are development opportunities where you can be served by the Wichita Terminal Association.

Do you have a question that has not been answered?[+]

Contact the Wichita Terminal Association and we will do our best to answer it.

Does Wichita Terminal Association provide Passenger Service?[+]

The Wichita Terminal Association does not provide passenger service. In the United States, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK) provides Passenger Service to over 500 destinations via 30 plus train routes. Visit www.amtrak.com for more information and the closest station to you.

Where do I find employment information for the Wichita Terminal Association?[+]

The Wichita Terminal Association utilizes either the BNSF Railways or Union Pacific Railroad career websites for any vacancies that need to be filled. To check for current opportunities visit the following: https://up.jobs/ and http://www.bnsf.com/careers/