Our Mission

Our Mission

The Wichita Terminal Association is committed to providing timely and consistent service to our customers, in a safe and efficient manner and in compliance with the applicable rules.

The WTA has adopted the use of the General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR) as its set of operating rules. The WTA is committed to safety. We recognize that safety is an obligation to our employees, to our customers, and to the general public. The WTA provides training, continuing education, and frequent proficiency testing of our employees. We do this to reinforce the value we place on safety in the workplace and on the track.

Switching Fees

Intra-Plant Switching – $150.00

An Intra-Plant switching movement is a switching movement performed within the plant or industry. (e.g. from one track to another or between two points on the same track)

Cut-Out Charge – $150.00

A cut-out charged is assessed when a car is released to pull or is ordered into a plant and then cancelled. This charge is also applied when obstructions such as industry locks on derails and switches, vehicles fouling track, or other conditions within the industry’s control that prevent the spot or pull to be performed.

Cross-town Move – $200.00

A Cross-town move is defined as multiple movements of cars that have a valid waybill and are moving between two facilities and/or customers on the WTA. When a one time movement between two facilities and/or customers is requested, the Intra-Terminal Switching charge will be assessed.

Hold Charge – $400.00

A Hold Charge is assessed when instructions are provided for a, loaded or empty car moving on its own wheels, are removed from an industry, shop, team or interchange tracks and are held by the WTA awaiting forwarding instructions. A charge of $400.00 per car will be assessed against the loader, shipper or party taking responsibility for Miscellaneous Charges. If cars are subsequently ordered to be returned to loader’s or interchange tracks, the applicable intra-terminal switching charge will be assessed against the party requesting the service.

Set-Back Charge – $400.00

A Set-Back charge is when a car is requested to be returned from one of the line haul carriers.

Intra-Terminal Switching – $400.00

An Intra-Terminal switch is a movement performed when a car is handled from one track to another track of the same carrier when both tracks are within the switching limits of the same station or switching district (the TO track is outside the plant where the FROM track is located and the cars have been requested to moved and not billed out). Charges can also be assessed to cars which are prematurely released loaded or empty.

Special Switch – $2,500.00

When the WTA agrees that we have the resources and can provide a special switch request, the WTA will furnish the required locomotives and crew to provide special switching services for customer(s) at other than the normal assigned dates/times of service. This could apply, but not limited to, providing a second switch on the same day, service on off days or holidays, and service on other than assigned days of service. Note that other switching charges that would normally be assessed such as intra-plant, cut outs, weigh, etc. would be charged in addition to the Special Switch fee.

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